The cup-spotter game

The cup-spotter game

I was just out for a walk with No2 and we invented a game.  As all games are of little use without rules it was decided that I would write them out formally.

The objective

To be the player with the most points accumulated from spotting abandoned cups (litter)

How to play

Walk somewhere.  Preferably close to fast food outlets.  Look for cups.  Award each player points for being the first to correctly identify the type of cup seen.  


Points are awarded based on the following table:

Cold Drink Cup:
1 point

Ice Creme Cup:
2 points in summer, three in winter

Hot drink Cup:
3 points

All cups should be paper based – and therefore biodegradable

Bonus points

Any cup that still has attached a valid voucher earns an extra point. (For example, collect stickers for free drink voucher, or McDonalds Monopoly voucher)

Loosing points

If a player claims a first-to-spot on a cup, and then it transpires that it is not the right cup, then the spotting player either looses the point value that they thought the cup was, or donates the actual value of the cup to another player.

In the event of a disagreement, no points for the spotted cup are awarded to any player.

Special rules

Run-aheads, where one player speeds up to spot cups before others, are not allowed.

If a player spots a none branded, plastic cup, where possible they should place it in a bin or  take it home for disposal

Winning the game

The player with the most points at the end of the journey wins.