Lego Ninjago starter pack unopening – build and test

We noticed that Lego had started advertising their new Minifig based beyblade style game on their website, so this morning popped by our local toys-r-us as their website said they had them in stock.

I originally wanted one so that I could get a red minifig ninja for my collection, and was interested in the game as well.  But I took too boys with me, and instead of buying three separate ninjas I bought a starter pack for the boys and a red ninja for me.  £20 lighter we came home and had a laugh filming an unopening above and testing the game.

The new bit of lego in the pack is the spinning top which the minifig sits on.  It has a clutch mechanism which holds onto the minifig’s feet, but if any torque is applied to the minifig, pushes a platform up which releases the figure out of the top. The top is heavy and has a 2×2 brick socket on the bottom which an inverted dome fits in to help it spin.

When the fig is in the top, you put one of the weapons in its hands and spin it against an opponent.  When the figs collide, one gets thrown off the top eventually.  The tops are spun by the players hands – no mechanical device – and the minifigs get thrown off straight away before they start to battle if you spin them too hard.

The ninjas seem to be standard minifigs, but the skeleton had modified arms and legs – including large black feet – so it was able to stand properly in the socket.  Surprisingly the skeleton fig seemed to win most of the fights.

You also get an arena in the set – which is just some technic axels which you connect together to form a perimeter arena to play on – which you put on a table – or in our case a lap tray.

You also get a few spare bricks (2 1×2 bricks and a 2 x 2 plate) which first of all look like just a stand to put the cards you get with the set on.  However the cards can be used at random throughout the game, and contain various instructions and modifications to play.  Examples are a card you use as a shuriken, and using the bricks to raise the top off the surface so you are taller than your opponents.

I quite like this system – there’s nothing funnier than seeing a skeleton with black boots and a flailing ball and chain taking out a ninja – but it does seem over priced.  We had a few games with it this evening and it was fun, but I cant see myself returning to it too many times.  

But then again I didn’t like beyblades but the kids played with them for months.

Damocles (Day 51)


No 2 got his first pair of glasses today – so that was my major choice for todays photo.  But when we got back home this evening I discovered he had already left them where we were – so that was a good start.  
So this was my second choice photo – but I saw this A MAY ZING icicle on the way to work this morning, and although I was very uncomfortable about taking a photo of someone else’s house I could not pass this one by a second time.

Glad I don’t have to knock this door…