Quantum Event in the back garden #photoaday #GardenShedSubAtomicPhysics

Quantum Event in the back garden

Fired up my underground particle accelerator this evening which is housed in a circular three mile diameter track tunnel that begins 20 meters under the house. The Higgs Bosuns were in my favor for this experiment and at 8:28 tonight I created an experimental singularity…

365! (Day 365) #photoaday


So here I am at day 365 of my photoaday project.  Mostly its been a good project to do, and I’ve easily found things to take photos of and upload.  I’ve had the idea for this one for a while but shot it tonight – Almost every day I’ve managed to take photos, especially in the beginning, but since I got to 300 its been a real struggle – I’ve had other things going on in my life and some days I’ve completely forgotten.  

What I have learnt:
  • Its easier if someone else is doing it too.
  • Its hard when I cant upload photos of certain subjects which I have taken a lot of
  • I now look out for things even more to take photos of
  • Sometimes I hate my phone
  • Its jolly hard to write 365 backwards  in the dark and the cold when you are trying to take a photo on your own.
  • Dont try and take the photo above with a sparkler as the skin takes a long time to grow back

Shall I carry on?  I should do – but I might not be as disciplined if I miss a day from now on.  Of course that could mean I miss a week and just don’t continue.

I’m going to take a break anyway – until I see the next photo – then I might start up again.  Maybe it might be better to start again from Jan 1st 2012.  I’ll see.