Best DM ever! (Day 111) #photoaday @LedgerBennett


So a large jiffy bag arrives on the boss’s (head of marketing’s) desk. Inside there is a box. He hands it to me and says “You do it”
Inside the box is a metal ‘strong box’ which needs a combination. It also has a customised url to go to to get the combination.
So off I surf. And after ordering four topics of interest (a nice way to segment me) I’m given 5-2-4 as the combination.
With trepidation I dial it in. Waiting for the BANG. But inside are just vouchers for a free online trial.
Brilliant idea. Got my attention. But I filled in the needs – not the Head of Marketing. And also there were no M&Ms inside the box.. Ok I see the point of the vouchers but come on! After all that effort a little packet of smarties or wine gums would have sealed the deal..

Nice one though Ledger-Bennett