Both me and the snow have arrived (Day 28)


My trusty little bike got me to work safely in the snow that arrived this morning.  The first day cycling on crisp fresh snow is wonderful, but as it freezes tonight and all of the tyre ruts get fresh snow overthem it puts me at mortal peril.

Looking at the tread on this wheel it looks like I need new tyres as well.


Tardis (Day 22)

Can you believe that there is a company that prints words on lego bricks?  Well I built this Tardis a while ago and in the end ordered some special lego tiles with police public call box words printed on them  It really finishes the model.  
Again I am awaiting an ‘event’ that I want to photograph – and its just not happening…  I have no control over when it does so am ‘filling’ the images until the one I want comes by.  All will make sence soon.