Review of Lego Ninjago 3D Battle Arena

So I finally succumbed and bought the kids this arena to use with their ninjago.  I admit that I was drawn to it to get a version of Sensei Wu at low cost.  Before they have had the Beyblade stadium – which is built the same way from what I assume is vacuum formed plastic, and it got in the way and got trodden on and broken – so I wasnt too keen on getting a something else to ruin.

This one though is better in a couple of ways 

Firstly its not as tall – which makes the whole thing feel smaller.  It also means it should slip easily out of the way under a sofa.

Its got a lenticular style 3D picture – which looks straight out of lego universe on its main playing area – which is flat – and not concave like Beyblades. 

It also seems to have more supports under the playing area which makes it seem more sturdy.

The ninjago bases spin like billyo on the baseboard and there are also neat little alcoves within the stadium to store your spinner, cards and the minifig as well as their weapons.

In all not bad value for under a tenner GBP especially when you factor in the better build quality and the Sensei Wo fig.  Only slight sad thing was it looked like you got more weapons – namely nunchucks in the set – and there are no cards for sensei – but apart from that the kids seem happy with this set.

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