iPad 2 (Day 120)

Ok – so its finally here.  They have finally updated the UK Apple website to announce the iPad 2.  This comes on a day when a non-techie in the office was talking about the iPad 3 being ‘due out in September.’
Do I want one?  Yes.  

Did I want the original iPad.  Yes.  

Did I get one?  No.  

Although its a lovely object I’m already paying twice the going rate for my Apple Macbook so I’ll be damned if I spend the cost of a reasonable windoze lappy to buy this iPad gadget.

Dont get me wrong.  I’d love one.  If someone bought me one I would be ecstatic – then probably followed by feeling a bit guilty.  Its a truly lovely object but I cant bring myself to buy one.

I dont know the UK price for this – but the US one starts at around $440.  If it meant that this was going to be around £220 here (wishing for the old exchange rates) then I might fork out for one.  But as it stands I’ll wager they will be around £399 here.  

Sorry Apple not this time.  


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